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SCM S 400P Bandsaw Review

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I got a new SCM S400P bandsaw (MM16).

Tool:SCM S 400P 16" Bandsaw
Reviewer: gdonham1
Tool Rating: 8
Review: I pulled the trigger on a new SCM S400P 16" bandsaw. I got a Lenox 1" 1.3 Tooth Carbide Woodmaster Blade from Spectrum Supply. The saw cuts like a dream. I had upgraded from a Ridgid 14" with a General International Riser Block. I used the PS Wood 1/2" 3 Tooth blades and it cut but it was like real work to get a 3 or 4" piece of oak through it. Funny a 12" piece of oak was just about the same. The new SCM is in a class far above the little 14" saw. The new SCM is 4.8 HP and is so much better it is night and day. After initially setting it up and cleaning up I ran a piece of oak through and there was no resistance at all. The board could have been pushed through with almost no effort. I will have to be careful with the new saw, the old one slowed you down so much you had pleanty of time to think about your movement through the saw. This new bandsaw is so smooth and powerful that it cut the red oak like butter.

Although the saw is great I had a few gripes about it. The Fence is cast iron and is not square to the table The saw does not come with any blade but I had looked ahead and ordered a 1" and 1/2" and 1/4" blades so I could get right to work. The fence not being square is not new to these bandsaws. I found that same problem on several other sites and reviewers.

The saw was shipped as freight by SCM via Fedex. Fedex was useless and cost me $500.00 to boot. The saw was shipped on its back inside a substantial crate. The crate is not marked which end is the bottom. Additionally since it is on its back and weighs about 500 lbs I had to get help lifting the saw up. Just to get the saw on my concrete floor of my shop i had a neighbor with a tractor and fork lift rails to get the saw from the end of the driveway to the shop. That neighbor went home with the tractor leaving me to uncrate. After uncrating I called another neighbor to help push the bandsaw upright. After getting the saw upright I unbolted it from the bottom of the crate, put the wheels on and danced it off the pallet down the the concrete. The mobility kit is pretty good considering how heavy the saw is.

But as always after the minor issues the saw cuts like a dream and all is forgiven and forgot. This saw is a welcome addition to my shop and should serve me well for many years.

If you but a great tool you will never be sorry. Buy a cheap tool and you will regret it every time you use it.

I compared many consumer grade bandsaws, Jet JWBS14-SFX, Laguna 14-12, Laguna 14 BX and even the models just above these but the SCM left them in the dust. I got a real saw and not a tinker toy. The cost is about double what the 14" class European type bandsaw (Steel Box Backbone) consumer saws. The Taiwan crop of consumer bandsaws do not even come close to the functionality of the SCM. The SCM just sits there purring while my old Ridgid shook and shimmied all over the shop. The cast iron type saws have become old news and the steel box backbone is much superior. With 500 lbs of weight and a football field of table space I am off to the races.

I did order a Kreg Precision Bandsaw Fence and the 4' Heavy duty track. The Kreg fence is a little short for this saw but the Kreg customer service/technical support said the fence on the Kreg is the same as the heavy duty track. I can put the longer fence on and trim it to my own length.

Now all I have to do is pay for it. Better get to work.
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Just curious if the fence is adjustable? Most band saws fences are adjustable to accommodate for blade drift for different blades and tensioning. Have you tried re sawing or any type of cutting with the fence? Again just curious.
BTW, congrats on the new saw. It should serve you well for years if not a lifetime of woodworking.
Welcome to the forum, Guy! Standing rule is that if there aren't any photos it didn't happen. :wink:

We'd love to see photos of the saw in your shop, some of your projects, etc.

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Guy the specs for that saw say the fence is fully adjustable for drift. The price isn't terrible at about $3300. The biggest difference is the motor I would say which draws 30 amps on 220 volt. That's about double or better my 2 hp Taiwanese saw draws.
Thanks for the review. I have the Laguna 14/12 in part because I don't have 220 available. A 16 inch saw with that kind of hp is pretty much a dream machine. BTW, wecome to the Forum and we do love pictures. You can upload pictures that are on your hard drive and after 10 posts, you can post links. You just drag and drop the picture in the box just below where you write your post.
Welcome to the forum Guy.
The fence is adjustable for drift but the fence is not square on the face to table. The fence is ground flat on the bottom and that sets it square to the table. To fix I will have to file the bottom to bring square. As stated I ordered a Kreg fence and a longer fence material. The Kreg has many attachment options as well as ease of adjustment of both drift and square to the table.
I haven't looked at the Kreg. I bought the Mule/Accusquare fence for my table saw and all I needed to convert it from table saw to band saw was the extrusion it slides on which was $60 at the time. Takes about a minute to switch from one to the other. The Kreg is probably similar so you should be happy with it. Mule Cabinetmaker - Carpentry Tools for Carpenters that Need Precision & Reliability!
I have the Ridgid 14" BS with the Riser block, and I know exactly what you are talking about. Good on you for upgrading to that monster of a saw, you will love it. Wow 4.5hp! I am drooling all over. I have the Kreig fence and it is top notch in my book.

Welcome to the forum, look forward to your posts.
Here is a picture of the saw.


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