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I said a while back that I had ordered some hard wood scraps for making cutting boards.
I ordered three boxes, from different suppliers. Two from and one from Ebay.
They have all arrived and I am sorting them out to see what I can come up with as far as cutting boards.
All three boxes came with some very nice pieces of wood. A good mixture and all pieces in very good shape.
Of all three boxes, only two pieces of black walnut will need a little bit of trimming due to bad spots. But, all
in all, I am happy with what I received. I felt that buying woods from the internet is a lot like buys fruits in a bag in a grocery store.
It is a Crap shoot at best. But, again. I am happy with what I got and probably will reorder again from these same folks.
Here are some shots of the wood spread out on my work bench. I'll try to post pictures as I get started on the boards.
Just because Theo said I have to. smile. All pieces are 12 inches long and 3/4 think at least.


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who do you think was the best deal???
Hard to say Stick. They all had some nice pieces of wood, The two from Amazon were random cuts and widths, but all at 12 inchs in length.

The one from Ebay , the pieces were all uniformly 3/4x2x12. and all the same thickness. So I guess those would be the best to just use as is to make a cutting board.
I plan to mix them up and make a couple of different lay outs of boards.
I paid 22.90, 27.75, and 24.00 with no shipping charges.
I selected these three because they all advertised no blemishes or knots. and that is what I received.
Plus, they all arrived in the same 3day period. One on Friday, Sat, and Monday.
They came by way of USPS and I had good tracking all the way.

On Amazon, I bought from CT Power Tools and Woodchuck Wood.
On Ebay, I got it from TIDEY10.
The first two are builders of some sort, not sure how TIDEY10 gets their cut offs.

I would recommend any of them, I believe I seen Woodchuck wood on both Amazon and Ebay.
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