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Scrap or New Project - Cherry Mailbox

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My father-in-law makes a lot of larger projects with cherry from their farm. Of course the scraps he throws away I use for smaller projects. Like a replacement for our old black metal mailbox. No fancy joints but should hold up to weather pretty good after I finished it.

Guess I should come up with a good quote like "there is no scrap wood, only smaller projects".



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Very NICE Michael :)

Like you I like to use scrap to make many projects they seem to be more fun to make and they don't cost a arm and leg to make so to speak. :)
Nice touch on the Fac. made scroll parts. :) they add alot to your project.

My monitor must be off today because it looks like the back is not cut the same on both sides :) BUT still a nice job.

Nice JOB :) :)
Just a side note****I have been thinking of making a new mail box but using a paper shredder inside of a nice walnut box, with a button or slots on the front of it, that would say ALL-Part-None-Checks it would save me a trip to the trash can . :) :) :)
The only thing that's holding me back, I don't want to hurt the feelings of the mail man (person) :) :)
By the way here's a tip, how to hide the hinges :)
Tape the lid to the back ,(false back) drop it on a 1/4" router bit on the router table cut a slot in the top and the back at the same time as long as the hinge(s) pull the tape off and line up the hinge and take a awl and put in some small holes,now the hinge(s) are out of site. :) now glue or screw the false back to the true back .
Note** besure and round over the back side of the lid so you can use it.
A small round over bit or a small bead router bit works great for this job. ;)

Bj :)
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It's not your monitor. Shshhh, don't tell. It was hand done. I should have just cut one side, made a pattern and flipped it over to mark the other. Oh well, you live and learn. We just had our house resided so figured I had better finish it up to replace the metal one we trashed. Beside a router table, a cat food bowl, this is the only other project like this I've made. I didn't find any patterns for mailboxes so made this one up. But now that I've made one I've got ideas for making better designs & features.

My father-in-law is alergic to cedar so he gave me a couple of large red cedar boards. Definately have to think more carefully on using those for anything. Not messing with scraps there. lol

Thanks for the compliments.

Michael, that is a gorgeous mail box. Never thought about making one out of wood for the house here. Nice work!

Thanks. I wanted a replacement for the junky looking metal one for an old house. I searched for ones but nothing I liked at all. I looked for plans for a wooden one and never found one. Guess it's my cue to get it to a point to have some plans or sell some once I get it fine-tuned.

I want to try my next one out of red cedar which would definately weather good and look great too.

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