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Screws to attach Elu Mof 98 router to Elu 551 Router table

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Hi All
I'm new to this site but I wonder if anyone on here can help. I've been given an Elu Mof 98 and an Elu 551 table and I'm wanting to attach the router to the table. Does anyone know where I can purchase the screws to attach it if not does anyone know their size. I've looked at a number of part sites but cant see the screws on the plans.
Thanks in advance
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Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum Boz. I'd be in search of the manuals which should have that information. The screws will likely be off the shelf and the manual should list the size and length. That said a quick search only resulted in this for spare parts.
Sometimes the screws that you remove from the baseplate can be used. If they're long enough and the pocket that the head goes in to is similar on the baseplate and table.
Take either the screws that hold the base plate or the router to a hardware store and match them up. If the plate comes off the table measure the thickness to determine the length you need. If you can't find screws the right length you can get them longer and cut them off. It helps to put a nut on first so that when you cut the screw you can take the nut off and that will clean up the thread end.
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