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I have been browsing the internet, but haven't found the answer to my question.

There are times I use the x,y axis in the center of the project. Other times, I use the bottom left corner for x,y=0

How would I go about programming a script/file, whatever to reset the x,y axis to a predetermined spot on my spoil board? I think this could be a really handy utility that would save a little time, at least for my work.

For example, say I decided x,y,zero would be x=1.5, y=1.5 inches. After completing a project that used the center, I would like to start the next project that has the bottom left corner (and any other project with this setting).

I use VCarvePro and Linuxcnc on the Probotix Asteroid.

Suggestions and advice appreciated.

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Got it!

Pretty much what 4D said... I think the easiest way would be to move to the location that you want to have X0Y0, then go into MDI tab and type in the offset #, ie: G55 (just G55) and hit enter. Then go to Manual Control Tab, and click on 'Set X/Y Origin' button on the right. Now your G55 work offset X0Y0 is set to that spot.
Now as 4D said, copy and modify a post processor for G55. Not much programming involved, you are just changing more than likely G54 to G55 (or whatever work offset you want). Then when you save your toolpath, just pick the post processor with the correct work offset. Sounds way more complicated than it really is..

Thanks 4D and Dave. And a couple of YouTube videos. :grin:

It took some time and video watching to get a little better understanding of what you guys were saying, but I managed to use the MDI to set the G55 coordinates. The Set Origin Axis buttons for x & y on the left side of the screen worked just fine. After zeroing x&y, I was good to go. I switched back and forth between the two coordinate systems, and hit the return to xy origin and the machine responded perfectly.

Then I modified the post processor file. The one I use is EMC2-G64_Arcs (inch). I modified the file name to read
POST_NAME = "EMC2 -G64 Arcs(inch)-G55(*.ngc)"

Then I added "G55" to the start line (or whatever it is called).

begin HEADER

"T[T] M6"
"G0 G17 G20 G90 G40 G49 G64 G55 P0.001"
"G0 [ZH]"
"G0 [XH] [YH] M3 M8 "

I made a test file using the G55 post processor, loaded it into the CNC and used the mdi to switch to G55 coordinates.

I ran the file and it worked perfect!:grin:

Thanks again for all the help.

OK, I can go to bed now!

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Update. It's working!

Today I had a file with the reference in the center. My material already had a mark in the center so I carefully positioned the CNC over the center mark, then changed the machine coordinates to G55, and zeroed the x and y axis.

When I finished my file, I used the post processor for G55. And it all worked perfect. When I got through, I returned the machine coordinates to G54 and clicked the return to xy axis, and sure enough, it returned to the original xy zero I had set up in the bottom left corner of the machine. Yippeee!

I'm learning.
Thanks all for your input and suggestions.
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