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I have been looking at that closely but some of the reviews are not that great. The Bosch Colt gets consistently good reviews.

I would love to try the Craftsman out. It just does not look as good as their newer mid sized routers. It looks packed full of features and the rating looks powerful, but a friend says he believes the Colt is truly more powerful in use. I have only used the Colt so I cannot comment on that comparison, but the Colt will serve you well for sure.

I have the Colt and then the Trend T-4. They are about the same physical size router(the T4 is a as a plunge version which makes it much larger overall) which is definitely as strong or stronger than the Bosch.*T4EK

The trend T4 goes for 99.99 at many other places. The combo of this T-4 and the Colt is a great combination for me.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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