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I have a sears router model 31517381. Its very old 20 plus years. The router motor fell out of its housing when I loosened the holding knob for the elevation crank. A bar fell out as well and I am not sure how to put it back in .I tried but the elevation knobs wont rotate?
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A picture would help. But it sounds like some sort of guide bar that might go into a groove. Take a look at your manual in the parts section that should show you what goes where. If you don't have the manual here is a link,

The manual is also available here.
Thank you for the reply. Yes I looked at the break down of the router and it is the #19clamp bar that fell out. It has holes in it that line up with the lock shaft as its screwed in and also two other shallow holes that line up with I think adjustable screws on the outside? What I didn't do and I have to now try is to lay the router on its side and line up the bar and gear rack and attempt to rotate the elevation knob and hope be able to rotate the unit back up into housing? It doesn't appear to have any other part missing. I just don't have any idea how the two adjustable screws at the locking knob are adjusted?

Thanks again for your reply
Welcome to the forum.

Thank you and its great to be on. Haven't used my router in many years but have come across a project that I am now back into it. I did my elevation corrected I just had to be more patient with it. LOL I lost my Collet 13/16" flat wrench for my router and I can't locate one?????? I can't believe it. I would think they would be plentiful! Guess I am wrong. Hope one turns up soon as I am looking.
Tanks again Ross for the welcome hope to follow this forum.

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A regular 13/16 open-end wrench should work. Look for a skinny "tappet" wrench.
Check MLCS they sell the thin wrenches.
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