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Season`s Greetings from Nova Scotia

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hello all ,i have cruise through a bit, great looking site. i am a 48 yr old who has lost use of one arm as the result of a construction accident... cabin fever has taken over, as a result i have to get back in the dust. myself and my wife judi, have taken custody of our 1st grandaughter... she is an angel. well, all the best to all of you, from our house to yours. George, Judi and grand daughter Katlyn :)
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Sounds like a whole new beginning for you George. Welcome to the forum.
Welcome George

Welcome to the Router Forums George. Glad to have you join us. We have something in common. I too have a granddaughter named "Caitlin", and yes they are angels. But I might be a little prejudice!!!! :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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