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Second hobby

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As my user name implies, I have something to do with trapping, to be exact I am a trapshooter. During the summer I am out shooting and in the fall and winter I am in my woodworking shop.
All of my router equipment is from Sears, I have there metal bench and three routers, they were on sale and I had to have them. Two quarter inch jobs and one half inch plunger router.
My first router job was patching my porch. took a 4X8 sheet of 3/4 inch plywood and used that pointy bit to make fake lines on it and it matchs up real good with the other boards
The pointy bit gives me away as a amateur in the use of a router. I watch the router show on Directv, the PBSU channel. I live in Pennsylvania and am 70 years old.
Now is your chance to jump in here and tell me all about the hobby.. :'(
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Hey there trap I'm a Pennsylvanian to welcome to the forum that pointy bit is either a straight bit or a spiral and I know if you got it from Sears then probably a straight bit. I live in the noth east. Where you from. :cool:
Hey trap. Welcome to the forum. Glad to have another old timer here. I never shot any traps but I have shot a lot of cans. :D A Glenmore, I think he is referring to 90* v-groove bit. At least thats what my pointy thing is.LOL
Hey Trap!

Welcome to the forum! I don't know much about trap shooting, do you cook them up and eat them after they have been shot? Only kidding!

I'm thinking you used a "V" bit to make it look like flooring right?

Welcome trap shooter, spend more time with your router and you will become trapped by it.
Welcome Trap. Always lots of fresh idea's here, seasoned pro's to help with problems you encounter. In fact the other day I saw Dr Zook marinating Reible with a nice garlic and ginger sauce...
Hey there trap we are praticly neighbors I live in the Mountain Top area and have a lot of reletives in the Dorrance and Berwick area. Don't tell me do you trap shoot at the Nuangola rod and gun club.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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