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Seeking comments on the Triton oscillating spindle&belt sander

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I just read an advert in the current issue of Woodworker’s Journal for the Triton 3.5A oscillating spindle & belt sander. Further searches on the Triton website provide a few more specs but I have yet to find any online reviews or prices. Hence this post?

The package appears to be a duplicate of the one that Ridgid sells through the big orange store, except for the added Triton warranty.

I have been very pleased with my Ridgid system but the faceplate on the belt sander has a significant scratch line worn into it. HD says they will fix or replace it but I need to bring the system in and leave it for an estimated 6 weeks as they can’t or are unwilling to simply examine it and replace the belt housing.

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Utube has a video reveiw on this unit.
Tool nut sell them for $163.99
Thanks i’ll Check it out on untuned
Thanks i’ll Check it out on untuned
Check out the Wen,and Grizly, they are the same(looks like) the Triton. The belt is 180 degrees from the Ridgid, and the dust port is different.

@Herb Stoops

Thanks Herb. I did note reversal on the belt. In the Utube video on the Triton. Think i’ll Take my Ridgid in for repair.
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Still need to figure out how that grove got worn into the face plate on the belt sander. Any Thoughts?
Probably something got caught under the belt and caused the groove. Does this cause a sanding problem? HD doesn't look at or fix the products in their store. They send them out and you are required to pay shipping. Even so their life time warranty (if they still offer it) is a pretty good deal.

Art: appreciate the positive comment on HD. The irritating part is all I want is to replace the belt sander housing but they can’t just sell me the part.

I agree with your comment on the probable cause of the scratch. I was surprised that the face plate was that soft.
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