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Seems I've been here before...

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Whats up, signing in here and saying howdy for first time.
Name is Al, been in the shop for 30 plus years and learning new stuff all the time.
Have a post to start about some router tables but will do that in the proper area
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welcome al. im still kinda new myself. great bunch of people here.
Hello and welcome to the router forum.Al
Welcome to the forum Al
Hi Al, welcome to the fun spot.
Hi Al and welcome. We have a few threads about router tables that have been running for years. It's amazing how many variations there are. I'm looking forward to seeing yours.
Welcome to the forum Al.
Morning Al and welcome. Learning and sharing is what this forum is mostly about. Humor doesn't hurt either. Have at it and post often showing us your work and advice.
Welcome Al,
You will feel right at home with us.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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