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Freecad is a OK program for drawing dxf files, but I have never used it to create G-code cut files. I use Fusion 360 the free version and it has the capability to generate G-code files also. BUT both programs generate generic G-code. For any machine using G-code (laser engraver/cutter. CNC router, 3D printer) you must modify the generated G-code file to match your machine's setup routine. G-code programming is not difficult to learn and you will want to add some additional commands to your file before you start your machine. For example - start the fan, move to home, set units, etc. One way to do this is create a txt. file that has your specific header information and shutdown information and insert the generated G-code in the middle. One of the main reasons I use Fusion 360 is that it can do a sweep along a path function and can create a 3D drawing object that is really creative and helpful with my CNC machines.
I am spoiled with a CNC and software that was a package deal that have not had to learn any gcode and have made some very complex things. Just a few clicks and you can design, export a gcode file with the post processor installed and then off to the CNC to make all kinds of cool stuff over 150 projects now on the CNC. Investing in a package deal that works well most often costs more up front but after a little while one realizes it is indeed a good deal.

I remember taking one of my programs to a programer and asking some help on some math to parce out a booklet a certian way and he was amazed i could create a program that did what I was doing with a graphical interface that did all the programing language for me. What I did in a hour or so he said it would take weeks to do hard coding.

I see some of the guys and gals on the forums that are plunking away at gcode and looking for a answer for a glitch... while I have not had to do anything like that unless I have a hardware issue. Same goes for a website I run from my house... I don't program in html yet using interfaces it make all that easy. Over 150 CNC projects and I don't know any Gcode. Great software out there. Save your self some headaches and shop around.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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