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Today was a great day. I am using a two car garage and splitting as one side containing a workshop and the other side the gym and most often than not the wood dust goes to the gym area. Additionally I was having an extremely hard time finding stuff. So I first built a French cleat wall and got all my tools on the wall. Next I wanted a partition to minimize wood dust going to the gym area. So today I installed a curtain track and two tarps as curtains. Getting the curtain track level over 20 feet required the use of a laser level. Since the depth of the garage is about 20 feet, I got two tarps and attached them together with ball bungees (linked below). It looks great. I am happy to provide additional information if anyone needs it. Also for dust collection I already integrated a cyclone dust collector with my shop vac.

Even with the cyclone it does not collect 100pct of the dust and I see particles floating. Any recommendations? Also any recommendations for a good ventilator I can wear that's not too expensive?

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You've got a great start. To control the dust you have two choices. First is a self contained filtration unit that is mounted on the ceiling. The second would be a large exhaust fan blowing the dust outdoors. They are rather inexpensive even with filters. I've seen people mount a couple of inexpensive box fans from the hardware store in a widow. You can tape home HVAC filters to them.
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