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I'm new to the site. Found it only a couple days ago. I picked up wood working from my dad who perfected his craft and taught wood shop and building trades at the local high school for 35 years.

I'm currently developing a shop of my own, but fear it will be quite some time before I have a shop like my dad's where I'm used to working.

I enjoy working with all kinds of woods. Most of my experience lies in red oak, cherry, walnut, and birch. I was given a Porter Cable router by my dad. It is a 2 1/4 hp with a plunge base kit. I also have on loan a rigid table saw.

I'm looking for a place to bounce ideas off people and learn as much about woodworking as I can. I do it to save money. I've built just about every piece of furniture in my house. Including:

coffee tables
end tables
futon frame
entertainment center
head board
night stands
bar table

I used to have pics of all that stuff. I'll have to see if I can locate them.

My interest now lies in building DIY high end speakers. I've been into audio as long as I have been into wood working and it made sense to mix the two. I don't have them complete yet, as I still have to apply the veneer.

They can be seen here:

well, maybe not, I can't get the url to show up. I'll have to read the forum rules.
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Hi S7horton

I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures :)

To get the URL to show up just open the web page up and then just copy the address and paste the address in your post or just go back and edit your post and paste the address in.

The RF server should do the rest for you. :)


Bj :)
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Your design reminds me of DCM Time Windows.
Really? I didn't think they were time aligned?? I only heard them one time at an old girlfriend's parent's house. Needless to say, I remember almost nothing about them.
Don't take me too literally, at first glance Time Windows came to mind. Their construction was different with no tweeters, 2 - 6" drivers mounted higher up in the cabinets and the base port was lower and larger. I never owned any but a good friend did. I much preferred the Ohm Walsh 2 speakers sitting in my living room.
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