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Hitachi Routers

jrs4464 said:
Can someone tell me the correllation between the speed setting numbers and the actual RPMs on the Hitachi M12V & M12V2 routers?

I have both a Hitachi M12V & recently purchased a M12V2. Actually I thought I was getting another M12V, but when it arrived I realized I had bought the M12V2. The 2 routers are different in appearance, but both are variable speed 3 !/4 HP, 15 amp. routers.
Are they similar in quality and can they both use all the large bits?
Should I send the M12V2 back and try to get the M12V?

OK,I am curious as to where these routers are available.......does anyone know if any Canadian Retailers sell these routers and what price range.......Sure I can google for it,but would like some input from people who have bought one,and what Can I expect to pay for either model.

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