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Setting the proper RPM on the Hitachi M12V

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Can someone tell me the correllation between the speed setting numbers and the actual RPMs on the Hitachi M12V & M12V2 routers?

I have both a Hitachi M12V & recently purchased a M12V2. Actually I thought I was getting another M12V, but when it arrived I realized I had bought the M12V2. The 2 routers are different in appearance, but both are variable speed 3 !/4 HP, 15 amp. routers.
Are they similar in quality and can they both use all the large bits?
Should I send the M12V2 back and try to get the M12V?

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If your router came without a speed chart, & it has electronic speed control, with a little math you can make your own chart.
Most speed charts, relative to the size of bits 1" & larger dia. usually recommend a tip speed in the range of 104 to 107 mph.

For example :

2" dia.bit = 18,000 RPM = 107 mph tip speed
3.5" " = 10,000 " = 104 " " "

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