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shaft lock switch

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I have an older 1.5 HP craftsman router, 10 or more years old. Cant find the model number. The problem is I locked the shaft to put in a bit. I then forgot to unlock the shaft and started the router. It now will not run. The shaft will turn by hand. I assume the shaft lock electrical switch after opening it up. But since I don't have model number how to get a new switch, if that is the problem. Help. Thanks. James
Just found the model number. 315.17491/
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Hi and welcome. I don't think you can get another switch for it, at least not from Sears. They are notorious for not having parts for older routers. I had one of those too and I thought there there was a lockout on the switch that would not allow the router to be energized with that lock on. Are you sure you've unlocked it? If I'm correct about that and you have unlocked it then it sounds like something isn't lining up in the switch to close the circuit again. I vaguely recall taking the router apart once and there is a small screw that holds the lock button in place (it's a little hard to see as I recall) and it has to be removed so that the lock button can be removed so that the top comes off of the router.
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You have the model number, so look up the manual for it. Easy enough to find.

I've got 5 old Craftsman routers I use. If one dies I will either toss it, or keep it for parts, won't waste time looking for parts.
I think someone bought the Craftsman brand and is trying to canibalize that sliver of reputation that remains. I doubt they will be making any parts for their older products.
I'd take this accident as the sign from a benevolent god that you should get a new router. I have an old CMan router that I keep as a backup for my backup hand held router. I use it maybe twice a year to avoid bit swapping on a complex project but I don't trust it with more than rounding over or chamfering. If it was my only router, I'd go and get a new one. pronto! Horrible depth adjust (tightening changes the depth, ugh), no light (bulb fails after 10 minutes of use), poor ergo, no softstart, no dust extraction, horrible locking mechanism, surprisingly large runout. Years ago, I gave up looking for replacement parts for it (to fix the light problem) - even 10 years ago, there were no replacement parts available.

There are lots of current models that are so much better. Personally, the DW618 in the plunge base with integrated dust extraction is what I'd get. It's not the "absolutely best" midrange router but the DE capability makes it a joy to use. Wish its locking mechanism and depth adjust were a little better but it's still pretty good.
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Maybe you can try bypassing the switch and plugging it into a power bar to see if it is the switch.
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