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They make a router bit set just for that type of job at the right price, you don't use any dowel pins in the joint, they will stick out like a sore thumb at finish up time,,end grain stock will not take stain the they will have that a little dip or high spot in no time..

2 PC ELITE SHAKER DOOR ROUTER BIT SET 1/2" SHANK - eBay (item 380279138508 end time Nov-13-10 12:32:41 PST)

The set also comes with the cutter for real plywood size plus the 1/4" cutter..

You should never put the glass in at glue up time by way, it's the last thing you put in the frame,,next to making your own trim glass molding on the router table to fit your doors..and than rip it to size on your table saw...than finish it and tack into to place with pin nails..


Thanks for your reply. I have seen this type of glass installation in cabinet doors and I guess the best way to describe it is like the glass in a picture frame, correct? The routered inset seems a little cleaner, but I certainly see your point about possibly cracking the glass during the glue / clamping process and what a mess that would be while rushing around trying to get everything lined up and gooey with glue, only to have the glass fracture.

Maybe a 3/8" wood strip tacked into place might be the better way to go. In any case, I am glad that the full stile width tongue and groove is a viable joint method.

Mahalo for your input.

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