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Shaper Origin Spindle Misaligned

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Recently my workshop's Shaper spindle has stopped rotating. I've narrowed it down to the spindle having been essentially shoved back into the body of the motor, which means when fully tightened down, the collet nut rubs against the housing and prevents it from moving. It's likely related to issues I was having with the z-touch function immediately prior to it not working, in that the spindle would come down to touch off, make contact with the surface, and prompt me to try z-touch again.
Is there any repair we can make to the spindle to re-seat it in its proper position, or will we have to send into Shaper for repairs? If anyone else has experience this issue in the past, what can be done to prevent it going forward?
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The way I understand it (I'm a newbie) is that when buying a new spindle, the collet holder sometimes comes separate and has to be push fit onto the spindle then tightened with a grub screw. I understand it is a quite a tight fit.
Can you remove the collet holder and reposition it again or simply pull it back down the spindle?
Just a thought. Sorry if my info is not appropriate to your question.
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