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Sharper Origin review - hand held CNC

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I finally had a chance to give the Sharper Origin a try and here are my thought.
see video review

This new router will be a game changer.
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Very impressive! I have read about it (skimmed), But your video really shows it! In print it seems like just another router thingy...But in reality, after seeing your sparks ideas, and I can see how this tool has real advantages for many applications. Thanks for showing.
How much is the tape?

Just looks like an expensive toy to play around with.

Thanx for showing how it actually works.

I'll stick with my CNC set up.
$2499 per their website. Can't tell if that price is the pre-order price or the price when available. @scottgrove may know.
it has its place. I heard one guy routed a gym floor with it. no other way to do that.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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