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I had a Bridge City Kerf Maker KM-1, and sold it. The Micro Jig Match Fit DADO Stop works better, it's easier to use, and it's cheaper than the KM-1, even with the dovetail clamps, which I'm finding all kinds of uses for, in addition to holding the Match Fit on my table saw fence. I'm not trying to get you to spend any money, but maybe you should be making a wooden copy of the Match Fit instead. The dovetail clamp isn't really necessary to use with the Match Fit. Any clamp that will clamp it to the saw fence can be used, but of course not in the dovetail slot.

The Dovetail Clamps have proven handy by becoming hold downs for my Leigh D3R Pro and FMT Pro jigs. By cutting two dovetail slots in the birch plywood base under them, the dovetail clamps slide in to any depth and allow me to clamp the jigs to my workbench , saw horse, WorkMate, etc. I ran a dovetail slot lengthwise on the bottom of a long plywood straight edge that I frequently use, so now I can slide these dovetail clamps into the slot from each end and clamp the straight edge to any length board, and they don't stick up above the straight edge and get in the way like my spring clamps did.
I keep finding new uses for them and adding dovetail slots to many things in the shop, and I'm about to order a second pair.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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