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This is a pix from Amazon of a nice stand, but I'm always interested in improvement and building on a good idea.

Ok, first of all, I only have four items that would fit in the slots. But I have five batteries and a couple of chargers. So for me, I'd make several modifications.

Drawers to keep my drill bits organized and together. That means ALL of them, including those that are also used on the drill press. So a couple of shallow drawers, at least 3. All with separations for the different kinds and sizes of bits. I'd need a special one for the set of very long aircraft bits I find useful once in awhile.

I would also want a power outlet on top so there was only one cable going to the wall. I'd consider a second bottom layer to keep the jig saw handy, and space for its blades.

I don't think i'd litter it with tools on top, but put the chargers up there. I'd probably make it out of BB ply. Oh yeah, another thought, I got a dial on/off timer for my irrigation. I think something similar would be a good idea so I could limit charging time. I don't think you're supposed to cook LI batteries for days at a time.

Any other ideas about what YOU'D do?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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