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Tool: Shob Sabre 4896 Series CNC Router with C-Axis Aggregate

Reviewer: Mallory Lepisto

Tool Rating: 3

Review: Once we got the CNC router up and running we have had some success in using it for production; however, it took up 4 months before we were able to receive the missing parts that were not included upon delivery. We opted to purchase a C-Axis aggregate, as the sales team suggested, but the software they sent us to compliment the aggregate (V-Carve) was constantly crashing.

The dust skirt that came with the router did not fit onto the head due to the modifications in order for the aggregate to be put in place. This caused for an extreme amount of debris in the shop while cutting, especially MDF. Considering all of these issues we decided to remove the aggregate head (we never got around to using the aggregate itself) in order to connect the dust skirt. Even after the dust skirt was in place we still needed to make modifications to make a difference, however, we still are not getting the results we need.

All in all, there are several little details about this router that have been problematic. Once we overcame them one by one, we are now able to operate the router smoothly and use it in production. The aggregate, which was very expensive, is no use to us and for our situation, proved to be more of a hassle (with the software and dust skirt) than it helped. The technician team was helpful to an extent but we had to wait months for little issues to be resolved before becoming functional.

If we had been given more details and had a clearer idea of what to expect from the beginning, I think we would be more satisfied with our machine. Also, purchasing the aggregate was a big mistake, especially since we have to sell it, which seems to be very difficult.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or need more information.
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