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I just got this thing delivered and off of the pallet. The only options I got were the T-Slot vacuum table, the stand, and the computer/screen/keyboard pendant mount (not installed yet). Upgraded spindle is pricy and if you go with the ShopSabre quick change collet system it is even more expensive. I actually bought the Musclechuck #10 quick change kit. The machine looks like it is built pretty decently for the price. Shipping weight including the pallet was 1,200 lbs.. It will probably be a few weeks until I get cutting with it. Vectric software looks pretty easy to figure out if you have a back ground in CAD/CAM. More than likely I will generate all of my designs in SolidWorks and only use Vectric for programming. Vectric does seem to have some unique features specifically for routers. It has a command to automatically generate tabs. If the software annoys me I will go ahead and write a post for FeatureCAM. Any who, once I get my spoil board done and do some cutting with it I will post some information on how it cuts. From the videos I have seen the CNC control looks very easy to use. It's pretty basic, but I don't think you need cutter comp, coordinate system rotation, work offsets, macro programming and bunch of the stuff you find on a typical industrial CNC control. The uprights look a little wimpy in pictures, but the machine feels very solid. If you look at them from the side of the machine they look much beefier. The uprights are actually pretty heavy duty when you see them in person and can put your hands on the gantry to feel how rigid it is.

1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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