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Having made several of the projects from Shopnotes I am sure the jig will perform as expected. I am in the process of building a portable router table from Shopnotes #45, soon to be followed by the "Stow away router table" from Shopnotes #71(which also includes 5 handy shop projects made from a single sheet or plywood each and a very nice wooden vise!) The holidays will be here soon and many people are afraid to tackle what they think will be a complex project. The plans are easy to follow, well thought out, and the results are both practical and economical. Note: Some of the Shopnotes are out of print from time to time. Rockler and other websites offer individual plan reprints for $3.95 US. The complete Shopnotes issue sells for $4.95 US.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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