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I am ready to purchase a new router, I am leaning towards the Porter Cable model # 893 pk for $233.95 What is your opion on this make and model? Is this a good price ? Is this a good plunge router kit or do you recommend a differant brand.
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Hi web4elk

I have 4 PC's and they are great, I have the 894 and the 895 and others but the one I like best is the 895 because it came with a VS,soft start,edge guide,case,etc.

234.oo is a good price :)

So many routers on the market today but you can get parts for the PC just about anywhere and because they are just machines they will need to be repaired some day or if you want extra addon items you can get them quick and easy.(like a D-Base)

Just my 2 cents :)

Porter Cable 895PK Package 2-1/4 Peak HP, Multi-Base Router Kit with Router Table Height Adjust and FREE 42690 Router Edge Guide

Bj :)
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Some great recommendations from BJ as always.

I cannot speak for the PC or model numbers you refer to as I don't own any, but I can highly recommed the Dewalt 618 for comparision sake. I absolutely love this router, so well in fact that I own 2 of them. Many friends I know have this one and love it equally as well as I.

Just my $.02
Web4elk, about the hardest thing to do is give an unbiased review of power tools. We all have our favorites and usually a long list of reasons why. The simple truth is all the major name brands work well. The smart way to choose is to hold the different models in your hands and see which feels best to YOU! If you are planning on mounting the router in a table then turn it upside down and try the controls that way as well. See what accessories come with the router and also what is available. Check to see if there is a service center near you. No two routers have the same feel in your hands. Most people end up with more than one router for just this reason.
I have the same P.C. router package and have been using it for five years. Only problem I had with a switch, and the PC people replaced it, in two days, at no charge.That is an excellent price for the package. I'd jump on it. There are other rrouters out there of course, probably of equal value and ability, but its hard to beat P.C. tools, of any kind. There you have man's opinion.
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