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Hi and thanks for any help. I have an opportunity to buy a 2007 Shopsabre 4896 for about $8500 that is in full running condition and I am able to see run. We are pretty good with equipment but have never bought or run CNCs before. A lot of other experience with other equipment like digital printers, etc. My questions are;

1 - We have 2 things we want to route: 1 - kitchen cabinets and 2 - 063 aluminum for electrical boxes with photo attached. I realize we will need to keep the aluminum separate from the kitchen cabinet work with cleaning or some sort of care but is this machine the right one for both jobs?

2 - Is the price good?

3 - 2007 sounds a little old but will the technology be easy to work with - example "windows" type software vs older software?

4 -any other issues I should be concerned with?

Thanks for any help!


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