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ShopVac gone

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After giving my dead On Demand ShopVac to my electrician son-in-law to check out why it died he informed me that the motor was burned out and the switch was fine. He said that these types of vacs do not have the motors that can run continuously and will burn out eventually. Today I ordered a dust collector from Highland Woodworking and I will do it the right way and keep my Sears wet/dry vac for what it was made for. "Nuff Said"

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Hi Gary

That's to to bad BUT because the ShopVac is not a cheap vac. you may want to replace the motor and then sell it off and use the money to help offset the new vac. system you just ordered.
I think you said you paid 160.oo bucks for it ,if I recall that right.

here's a link or two

Bj :)
I e-mailed Vacshopusa to find out how much a motor will cost,but I think my son-inlaw junked the unit.

Hi Gary

Man that's not good, I'm a old dumpster diver :) :) I have a Big Sears Vac.that I got out of the trash and the only thing that wrong with it was the filter was pluged up and I been using it for 3 or 4 years or so :) a real freebe,with the hose and all the fitting.
It was like new, someone used it to suck up water and didn't clean it out after.

One more
About a year back I saw a new carpet cleaner out by the trash can and I stopped by it and put it in the truck , it had a bad wire hook up (pulled out) ,fixed that and gave it to my son,it was a $450.oo unit one more freebe and it was just like new also.

I'm sorry just one more dumpster diver tell.
I'm always on the look out for wood in the trash, I saw a wooden box that was 6" x 4' x 8' ,and I said I could use that wood so again I put it in the back of the truck, when I got home I took the box down to parts and I found a glass table in side the box with the frame (3/8" thick glass 40" x 6' long and 32" tall , I wanted the wood but the wife took the table for a her sewing layout table, I got about 120 board ft of nice white pine from that little stop hahahahahaha :) and a new table on top of that.

So to say it's worth it to fix them in the long run, a machine is just a machine and the parts can be replace the norm.

Hope he can get it out of the trash for you if not let me know and I will go looking for it :) LOL LOL hahahaha :) I can use a almost free SHopVac .

Bj :)
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Gary, it is well worth the money to replace a motor on any of the metal Shop Vac models. I repaired many while working for DOC. As far as not being designed to run continuous, these small vacs were run a minimum of 8 hours a day, non stop for years. Usually they just needed new brushes, a 5 minute job.
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