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I bought one as well at Lowes several months ago and took it back, I had it mounted to a Delta full size DP and its ,well quite frankly junk when it comes to mortising compared to a dedicated mortising machine. I recently got hold of a nice Craftsman Mortiser for $60 more than what you paid for that cast iron piece from Lowes and it will run circles around the old attachment type in a heart beat. The key to these tools however IMO is having the sharpest possible chisels to use. You can get a set of sharpening cones from Lee Valley for around $9 and they helped immensly as well as a newer set of chisels vs what they sell you in the kit. I'd return it and just shop around, something will turn up on CL and you'll never regret a dedicated machine, but mine doesn't get as much use as I thought it would and mortices are easy to make with a router as well. Just my 2 cents:)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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