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I went through the same decision making process regarding the same Delta accessorie. Through a number of conversations with woodworkers it came to light that a regular drill press will work in the short run but it's bearings wont handle the down pressure required to accomplish a mortice in hardwood. I saw a Delta dedicated mortice machine on sale so I bought it. Boy was I happy! The tool works by drilling out the center of a square and the chisle corners are forced through the wood to achieve a square opening. Now that I own the dedicated morticer I understand the down pressure issue. It takes a lot of pressure to perform the cut so if you can afford a single purpose tool you should buy it. As usual, a multi purpose tool does a lot of operations but none of them as well as a dedicated tool. Whatever your decision, enjoy your time working with wood. I've spent most of my life in saw dust and hope you receive as much pleasure as from it as I do.
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