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Show your computer station

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Went back and forth on this for a bit. I have small shop so space savings is key. Originally I thought of a rolling cart with some drawers for bits and such. I decided I would do a drawer under the front of the machine for bits so I can free up a drawer in my tool box but wanted a smaller footprint then what a rolling cart would give me. I have a space for everything I need at the cnc. drill, multi tool (for cutting tabs), Pendent, dust collector remote, drink holder, dust brush (not in pic but hags above the computer on the back side) I have 2 cup magnets one for a tape measure and one to keep an extra collet handy, and a small magnetic pickup tool for grabbing loose screws and such. I also slapped a couple magnets on the computer bolt heads for a few extra/different bits. The whole things spins 360° too just incase Im trying to move something around in the shop I can swivel the computer around if needed. So far happy the the utility aspect, It wont win any beauty awards but she's extremely helpful and solid. Oh, and it was all built from scrap hence all the different wood.
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I would be interested to see what others have come up with.
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