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Shudder, the day of reckoning has arrived...

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I've been working slowly on a honey do project to enclose part of the large patio with lattice. Have been having health issues for awhile so by slow, I mean snail's pace. A few hours when I feel pretty good. It's getting close to done now and I realize that I now have to put the tools away. I've mentioned my wife's cleaning frenzy strategy, stuffing things into boxes and putting the somewhere, anywhere. Well, I found all those boxes...they're all sitting on tables, chairs, etc. out on the patio. So my day of reckoning has arrived. I have to put it all away.

Oh, the larger tools will be fine, but there are a bazillion small items, which have always been difficult to deal with for me. Yeah, I have a number of small containers in racks to put stuff in, but I'd need half again as meany to put all the little bits and pieces away, but then I'll never be able to find them again.

What's worse is that I now have a LOT of cutoffs and bits and pieces, most of it would make a quick fire, but it's fire season and my neighbor cut down a huge pine during summer and one spark will certainly set it off. So I guess I'll have to cut my scraps up into small enough pieces to chuck into trash barrels. These get ground up and turned into mulch at the dump. I found out that pine mulch stops weed growth, by the way. But not sure I want to do the grinding. They used to give it away, but not any more.

This is actually just an idle complaint because I know that about two three hour sessions will give me an organized shop again, plus a number of annoying splinters.

After I clean up, I'll take a picture or two of the project. It's meant to keep plants out of the intense desert sun. I suppose I could work out a simple way to close it off to keep plants through the winter too, but at my current working pace, it wouldn't be done til next summer.
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I had to laugh while reading this. I set my goal today of cleaning the shop and building drawers to hold stuff that currently sits in boxes. But an hour and a half has passed and I still haven't made it to the shop. A lot of the mess is from scraps of wood leftover from a large trellis I built a month ago. Similar to building a boat in the basement I discovered that the trellis was too tall to fit through the basement door. Well, now I'm going to shut off the computer and actually do something.
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