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I am trying to find information on the construction of fixed shutters can anyone help.
I am presently making some now using a radial arm saw but like the way the router looks on the finished product.... H_E-L-P !!!!!!!!
Im new to woodworking but i do enjoy it
Thanks Rick

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Hi Rick

The Router Workshop Episode Guide

1411. Window Shutter

"Shutters are used in many places in our homes.
They can be closet or cabinet doors.
They can be used instead of drapery for window covering or on the outside of the house for decoration of windows.
A shutter consists of a framework with wooden louvers applied at an angle.
We have chosen to make fixed louver shutters that open by swinging the shutter on hinges.
In episode #1411 Bob and Rick show you how to make angle louvers for a shutter with the router and a mitre gauge on the Router Workshop"

Plans for this series are not available,sorry to say. :(

BUT YOU CAN SEE this episode on your PBS station for free :)
Check your PBS guide for time and date.

This series of episode (1400's) are not running on the but will someday I'm sure.

What is tivo ? ▼


Plantation Shutters

Bj :)


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