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sideways cut on a router table

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I have a simple router table is there a way I can make a cut through the width of the 2x4 while having the wood lean on something? (if this is unclear I can try to describe it better)
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x-grain cuts are usually done with the hand router.
It is possible to achieve on the RT, but I don't recommend because of the extensive set-up.
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Not quite sure what you mean, but if you're going to do the cut on the table, you will need to support the 2x's overhanging end. One way to do that is with a work support stand that you adjust to the same height as the table top. The Home Depot has this stand at $25. HDX 43 in. Steel Roller Stand with Edge Guide-AC43 - The Home Depot

You'd need to set up a fence so you can keep the end of the 2x the same distance so the cut will be 90 to the board.

Personally, I'd rather do that freehand with a straight edge clamped to the board as a guide, and a couple of 2x on each side of the cut to keep the router stable. Leave a little space between the pieces, a little wider than the bit's diameter. Use a 2x for the straight edge, and clamp all three pieces down to either a work table or a piece of ply on saw horses. You'll still need the work support stand if the long end of the 2x is very long.

I have marked the height on the sliding support stand for the height for the table saw and the sliding miter, plus marked the floor for stand location for each tool. Makes setup easier. This particular stand also folds flat and tucks out of the way nicely.


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Got my stand at Harbor Freight. Works great. Probably made in the same factory as the HD one.
Hi Al and welcome. If the piece is fairly short it could be done on a table. Otherwise it's like Pat said, do it handheld. I can throw together a quick jig to show you how to do it easily if you want.
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You could make a sled that rides on table, referencing on the sides to give you a consistent cut.

Kind of like a crosscut sled for the table saw, but without knowing what your table looks like I can't recommend.

Look up 'Oak park miter gauge' and you will see another way of guiding off of a guide bushing
If it is not too long, and you have a miter slot in the table and a miter gauge that fits, it could be done same as a table saw.

If it is long a clamp on straight edge and handheld is a better way to go, like has been mentioned above.
+1 for Kerb's . reply.

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