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sign graphics digitized

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a file created to cut the vinyl on a vinyl cutter
and apply it to a tempered glass panel

vinyl cut

explanation:people asked about the spelling
Caffe may refer to: Caffè, the Italian word for coffee,
used as an alternative spelling of café · Caffe (software),
a library for deep learning


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Cafe. Did owner choose this spelling?

Looks great otherwise.
Yes , that's why I looked it up on google
I'm thinking a lot of people are going to call the guy an idiot for not spelling right.
Nice idea, Stan.
Nice job, Stan. In the sign business I did a lot of graphics for glass. We usually used 'frosted' vinyl, which left the glass looking etched.
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Also I guess the CO2 laser could etch that , but yes a vinyl like that would work ok
I was surprised how good the frosted vinyl looks, Stan. A friend used to mask plexi and sandblast it. With edge lighting it looked 3D.
I should look into that but I do such a variety
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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