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Signcrafer sign maker report

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I' ve raised the sign making issue previously, particularly the Sign Crafter sold by various outfits. Well, on the promise that the product had been "improved" I bought another one from Rockler. Thats TWO of them now, at $50, including the shipping. I won't go into great detail, but don't waste your money. I DID get the thing to work, AFTER I threw away the end braces/supports and gave up on the "couplers" The rods that are supposed to "lock" the device onto a board are a joke. Essentially what I ended up with are parrallel aluminum tracks that hold the letter templates. I drilled small holes in each of the end frames and simply screw the frame to the workpiece. I made three nice, simple signs with the resulting assembly. Be informed about this product. I would think some of these companies would be ashamed to sell this stuff. Do they ever look to see just how much the product has been "improved?" And of course I am embarrased at being dumb enough to buy it. Twice!! Ha!!
Save your money fellas.
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what is a good sign making unit ?. money is a object. dont want to spend money on somthing that going to be a problem to setup.
I have decided to go with free hand routing signs using aTrim Router. After seeing Terry's posts (vistenguy) on free handing. I had tried the Signcrafter once and decided never again. I took it back for a refund.

Have not had much time here in Louisiana with the tables I am building and all of these dang storms we are having here. Hunkered down and riding the wind currents here in Southeast La. We are east of Rita's path in Baton Rouge but sounds like F-14's taking off from a Air craft Carrier out side right now or flying over. It could be worse. Been watching the reporting fools from CNN and Fox news.
Hey Randy,
Keep your head down and your feet dry. I hope you are are on high ground.
Keep safe buddy,
We have big screens on here at work (a major wireless carrier) and are watching the same thing. Fortunately, they decided to turn off Faux News but the CNN people are taking a beating. I get to work on the alarms in the cell sites that are near you. It's good to hear that all is well around you. It looks like Lake Charles is getting hammered. Perhaps you will be able to find some nice windfalls to make something like the tables from earlier. -Derek
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