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David, thanks. I normally don't take quite that long to finish my projects. Normally, it's only a year or two late. lol

I finally finished slabbing the log (got 6x1.5" and 2x2" 6 foot slabs) and I have a flute blank ready to start routing. But again I think for tomorrow. For now, I need an adult libation, a cigar, and to burn some meat on the grill.
I made a visit to my sawyer last week for some more Oak and he begged me to take a pile of 10 cedar ~6’ long X 12” wide X 1” thick planks left behind by a guy who wanted one 3” X 12” x 6’ piece for a mantle. It’ll take a long time run through it all...
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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