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Simple Project ?

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I was watching a DVD about tablesaw use and decided to make a zero clearance insert for my 6 month old Delta CS. Seemed simple enough. Used my planer to get the thickness and the bandsaw and belt sander to shape it. I did all my test fitting with the blade out because I was going to use a new one. I intended to clamp across the new insert and raise the running blade thru it as in the video,but.. The blade, when all the way down, is less than 1/8" below the cast iron surface(yes its a 10" blade). I thought about tilting the insert into the running blade like tilting a fixed base router into a work piece when you have no plunge. But that seemed way to scary. I solved it by switching to an 8" blade, then stepped up to the 10".

As a side note- When I assembled the saw I wanted to do it right this time and install the guard. As per instructions I installed the guard, then the blade with the arbor all the up. When I stepped back and looked. The guard was sitting at an angle, The pivot pin thru the guard was sitting on the back of a tooth. When I rotated the blade it fell to rest right between 2 teeth, So off it went.

Do I have a problem, or is this the way there made these days? Maybe I just have more depth of cut than most :D . The saw in the video was also a Delta CS but a few years older.
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Did you check to see if all you had to do was loosen a set screw and adjust the tilt angle? :) :D
I have the Delta Contractors Saw. While i don't recommend running a saw without the safety equipment i did replace the stock blade guard and anti kick back pawls with the drop in delta splitte and pawls. No blade guard. Most of those guards are just plane junk and difficult to set up properly. I had the same problem when I made ZC plates for my saw and use a small blade as well.

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