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Simple yet efficient riser

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As a newbie (first thread!), I would like to share with you my experience with a home-made router table for my "Black and Decker" plunge router. It is 55 X 41 cm, clamped to a workmate. The top is 19 mm plywood, with 4 mm white plastic (don't know the commercial name) panel screwed to the plywood.
As you can see in the pics, the router is attached to the plastic panel using 5 more screws (replacing the ones used to attach the original thin plastic base of the router).
It is equipped with a MDF split fence, parallel rulers to determine the distance of the fence from the bit, and connected to a dust-collector.
The other pics show the very simple yet efficient riser, mounted beneath the top. It is a 3/8" threaded rod, mounted (via a threaded insert) on a base and a wooden wheel on its top. Rising or lowering the bit is as simple as rotating the wheel.
I did not take off the springs or the handles, thus when I have to use the router hand-held (which I don't like, and very rarely do) I just unscrew the 5 screws holding the router – and that's it.
I am very satisfied with the results - which does not mean I am not planning my next router table… I think it will be a cabinet-type, hopefully with a top-operated riser, and a more comfortable method for changing the bit while pushing the lock-button. I'll be happy to report.
Yair Feldmann
Raanana, ISRAEL


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Hello yairfe, Welcome to the RouterForums :)

I like your table and set up for your router, great job. :D

Be sure to post some of your project pics in our Show and Tell section of the forum.
Welcome to the forums Yair, glad you decided to join. That's an interesting idea you have there. Simple but effective. Glad to know some one in ISRAEL is doing woodworking. It;s nice to have another country heard from. Welcome.

the "Doctor"
Hi Yairfe,

Very impressed with the riser.

What is the purpose of the smaller wheel inside the box?

Thanks + A

Thanks Goonman, Dr. Zook and chappo!
Chappo, the small wheel inside the box originally serverd to adjust the bit height - until I found out that it could be more easily done with the big wheel, which also supports the router. (I was lazy and did not disassemble the small wheel, so it is still there...). The wooden dowels facilitate the action.
Wow, very neat and creative yairfe. I like it!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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