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Sink trays

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I have an opening right below the sink but above the doors that I want to install some plastic sink trays into. I have looked at a couple of websites but found nothing that was remotely close to what I am after. I also am in need of the hinges so that will tip out. The trays that I want need to be 1 piece molded plastic. I don't want none of this cut to length as that is where we intend to store sponges and sink stoppers.

Does anyone have the low down for a supplier on this type of item?
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Hi rh111

In Canada, the tip out trays you are looking for, are available through Richelieu Hardware and there products can be seen on their website

For their General product lines:

For their tip out trays "kitchen storage solutions":

I have seen some Richelieu products sold through HD and others. Check with your local cabinet shop or millworking shop, they may have access to these products , if HD doesn't.

Good hunting!

:cool: :cool: Ric :cool: :cool:
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