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Sioux pneumatic router

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This little guy has been in my tool collection for a while, I just love the look of him. I first saw these routers in the McMaster Carr catalog ages ago, and always wanted to play with one. This beast came up at an auction and I had to save him from the landfill.

Unfortunately, I have no compressor big enough to run him, so he is just something nice to look at and dust. If you know anything about these routers, they are pricey. This one is in pretty rough condition, but if you are interested in it, let me know.

I have spun it on my former (30 gal) compressor and it runs, but it needs an insane CFM to do any work. I make no guarantee of it's condition.


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I too have always been interested in them. I have seen them in some of the Pennsylvania Dutch country shops where they won't use electricity,
My air compressor is a 5 hp 15 cfm. It will run an air powered sander.if nothing else is running on air. Do you think this would run it?

How much are you asking for the router? You didn't have this in your post.


The specifications are on this webpage. I probably would sell it for around $40, maybe less if I know it is going to a good home.
I have 2 air powered routers and love them. They are not SIOUX but they are only 1/4" collet where the SIOUX comes with a 3/8" collet.

I do have a SIOUX jig saw and it is the best jigsaw I have ever used. I checked one out of the tool crib on a job assignment and that made me start looking for one.

Got one off Ebay, woman had it listed as an "up and down saw" and said she did not know if it worked because it needed a new electric cord because it was cut off. She had no idea what she had. I got it for under $100, they sold for around $800 at the time. Turned out it was brand new and the sole plate did not a a scratch on it, probably a floor display.
If someone was interested in profiling things like granite counter tops this would be the tool to use for it. Just add a water line to it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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