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This is from several years ago, but I do not see that it has been posted here before.

SketchChair Kickstarter Video

The software they were developing is available here for free:
SketchChair by Diatom Studio

Have not built one yet, but looks like fun.
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nice link Richard, thanks.

from a new user viewpoint, how does one determine what software program/package the downloaded files would work on? the file extensions? and, then the question is a file written on fusion 360 usable on aspire, or vice versa? are there translators or importers?

sorry for all the questions...
Playing with the software it appears it is capable of exporting the designs in a number of formats such as pdf, svg and dxf. All these are two dimensional file formats that can be imported into Fusion 360 or Aspire or many other programs. You would create your toolpaths in those programs. The toolpaths are then saved as gcode files in a process known as “post processing”, this is done within fusion or Aspire, or whatever you use. These programs have large libraries of “posts” available that tailor the gcode to your specific machine. For example, my DIY machine uses the Mach3/4 post in inches, others might use a Linuxcnc post in millimeters, or a shopbot specific post. The output of the post processing is the actual gcode file that you transfer to your machine and run.
thank you for taking the time to explain that!
Neat enough I guess, but without padding I don't think they would be comfortable for very long - I once had a nice looking wood rocker, but the only way it was comfortable for more than five minutes was with a back pad and seat pad. Don't much care for the looks either, so I'll just design any wood chairs I want myself.
The most comfortable chair I own is my plywood rocker.
I can sit in it comfortably for hours.
I’ve turned my mdf templates into electronic versions and assembled them in Fusion 360, now trying to replicate the hours of sculpting, so I can slice it back up into pieces to carve on my CNC.
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The most comfortable chair I own is my plywood rocker.
I can sit in it comfortably for hours.
Is that the one that has free plans on-line?
yes, it is the James Cole rocker design.

He lives not too far from me. I had the privilege of taking a class he tought with the Colorado Woodworker’s Guild. My mdf templates are direct pattern routed copies of his masters. Super guy - those he has taught are given permission to make (and sell!) as many rocking chairs as we’d like. He does not even request attribution. When asked I always say it’s his design, he always says by the time we are finished sculpting it is our own.

One of the reasons I built my CNC was to build another rocker. I think I can get the 80 or so hours it took to shape the first down to 10hours or less of mostly sanding.
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