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Skil 1825 base plate

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I'm considering buying a router table extension for my table saw and dont have my router in my hands yet. (it is on order...) But I am wondering if it would match up with the "Porter Cable 7529/690/693 Bosch 1617/1618" Plate holes. Can anyone help? I would like to get it ordered!!!


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Welcome to the forums Shane. Here is a question. Is the table pre-cut you'll have to give us your mesurments of the hole in the table for the base it sets in. There are a number of places to order plates. How about where you order the table they should offer the plate for needs. I looked at oak park and they don't have the skil model you mentioned.
Thank you Glenmore for your response.

As much as I would like to order the Oak Park model, it is out of my price range. Plus they don't offer a table saw extension wing model. I'll be ordering from Rockler. Just didn't want to order the "blank plate" model... I contacted them and they don’t know ether.

I was hoping that there was somebody on this forum that had one and could measure it and sent it on to me.

Thanks again
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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