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Skil 1825.

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I need to replace this router. Any suggestions for a replacement.
Appreciate all of them. Thank you.
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Welcome to the forum.
please tell us how long you've had the router, what did you use it for.
and, what you liked and didn't like about it.
Welcome to the forum.
For a general purpose router, that can work in a table or freehand, it is very hard to beat the Bosch 1617 EVSPK kit. Comes with a motor, a fixed base and a plunge base, a quarter inch and half inch collet in a nice carry case, 2.25hp, ample for table, but manageable for hand held uses. Great customer service even though you'll rarely need it. Very solid build and many different lifts fit it if you put it i a table. Soft start, with speed controls from 22,000 down to about 10,000 or so rpm.

And the price is a little lower than the usual sale price. It's $213.21 on Amazon right now. Used to be $220, so it's about the only thing in woodworking that has gone down in price. Lots of us have one or two of these babies and really like them.

DeWalt makes a similar model, the 618, but after fiddling with one, I don't think its fine adjust is as precise or robust as the Bosch. But lots of people here like DeWalts and a smattering of other brands. The DeWalt kitis $210 on Amazon. There must be a price war.

For a main router, I suggest you get the 2.25 hp machines rather that the smaller, compact and trim routers. The smaller routers only accept a 1/4 inch shank bit, not robust enough for more serious routing tasks, and I'm not sure if they can be easily installed in a table. There are all kinds of great attachments available from Bosch.
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G'day Boris, welcome to the forum.

As John indicated, we need a bit more information before making a recommendation.

My go to heavy router is a Triton TRA001.
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