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@NDWoodWorker Welcome to the fun. I don't think you need to remove part 9. You should be able to remove the collet only using the soak and tap method. I would replace the collet with a new one. If you can locate a collet, I'd get 2. Collets are very precise devices, only a few thousandths difference between tight and loose, and a damaged collet is dangerous.

Looks like a two wrench type collet tightening system, if so it's pretty easy to overtighten. If you have been able to use other bits in it, then you may have done it without realizing it.

Also wonder if it could be cross threaded? It's surprisingly and annoyingly easy to do that.

I had a skill router many years ago, but sold it to put toward a Bosch 1617.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts