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thebig0 said:
Hi all, it would appear that the box is routed out of solid wood. It would be easier to rout the dovetails before the outside edges are rounded, or , alternatively, make the sides seperately as you would normally, face them together in a vice and run the dovetail bit down the centre using a guide. The lid is simply done upside down after due measure checking. Nice box. That's how I would do it anyway.
That's exactly what I would have said after seeing the photo of the box.
Run a longer piece of timber through the router table to produce the 2 sides of the internal box then work on internal box depth before cutting to length and shaping the outside.
The lid is made the same way but with the dovetail bit only showing a little through the fence, then cut to length and work on the outside shape.
Using longer bits of timber gives you safer handling.
The saving of your finger tips outweighs the cost of the waste you cut off.
Of course. By using longer lengths you can make the dovetail slots for the boxes and the same with the lids so you end up with a lot of little boxes all working the same.
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