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Sloppy depth settings!!

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Say fellas, I fought again this morning with sloppy or slipping depth settings on my PC 890 in the plunge base. I set the depth I need using my little brass 3/16 (for eample) bar. Start my router cut, plunge, and the ^%$%& cut will go way deeper than I've set it! I've zeroed router before setting depth etc. and screwed the lock knob as hard tight as I dare. Whats going on here? :'(
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I haven't had this problem with my PC 890, but I read in another post that you might need to remove the O-ring between the depth rod locking knob and the base to fix the problem.

Birch, is the depth stop rod moving during the cut?
Apparently it is. SOMETHING is allowing the cut to go way deeper than I want it. I will try again as soon as my current wound heals! See msg I just filed. Thanks.
I'd be looking to make sure the cutter is not climbing into the work. Make a mark on the cutter shank with a Sharpie and try another cut on the same material to make certain the cutter's tight enough. I've had this happen to me before on a Bridgeport, cutting aluminum.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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