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Slow learner's back!

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I received a small pile of wooden clamps...I'll call 'em "screw clamps". You guys know what I mean...two pieces of wood with threaded rod between them-you see pictures of them all the time. Know what? I can't figure out how to use them and when I do get them to clamp, in a simple fashion, I don't get the big deal! I mean, most other clamps are better from what I can see. I read about these things all the time but I'm sorry....I don't get it. These are nice...some are new, but clamping a simple corner yesterday was a joke. I tossed em back in a dark corner until I know more.
Whats the big deal with these things?
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They have many uses. They can clamp odd shaped parts,another use is as a vise,clamp one end to a bench,table or the like and use the other end to hold a part to work on. After you have used them a while you will find several uses.


Hello Birchwood,

I received my Screw Clamps recently and have found many uses for them especially the 12" now all I need to do is get some more of them. I really like mine. :D

They are nice for clamping stuff at angles or just for holding a piece of wood upright.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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