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I have the Shapeoko from Carbide 3D bought through Matter Hackers. For the Money as an entry level you can't do better, and has an excellent forum and customer support.
The Carbide Create software that comes with it is good for learning and is a free download The only draw back with it is you need to use something like Inkscape , another free download to convert to vector files. It is modeled very much like Vectric so what you learn in the Carbide Create will carry over to Vectric .
I started with it to find out if I wanted to pursue the CNC avenue, and then spent the $ 350 for Vectric V-Carve Desktop.
There are several excellent vidieo producers on U-Tube for the Vectric And Also a couple For Carbide Create. Spent alot of time on U-Tube and still do, but when you are not Cad and computer savvy you have to learn somewhere.
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