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One of the handiest tools for making small circles is a RotoZip or similar product. The circle cutting jigs work well. Just be sure to use a "Sabercut bit" designed for cutting wood. These bits will also work in trim routers, so if yours has a circle jig you have another possibility. Spiral cutting bits make clean cuts so dont rule out these small machines.
Another thought would be to build a simple jig for making different sized small holes. A 1/4" thick piece of Plexiglas or Masonite(hardboard) 6" wide by 3 or 4' long. Drill different sized holes using Forstner bits, hole saws or even adjustable hole saws along the centerline. The 6" width will provide good support for your router, the length will allow easy clamping. By using a combination of pattern following bits and guide bushings you can figure on making at least 5 or 6 variations on each hole size. To keep life simple I suggest using a 1/4" plunge bit and figuring your hole sizes from this. If you are likely to build projects with many different sized small holes this is the way to go.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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